Tap water is regulated by water treatment facilities that the government has in place before reaching our homes and businesses. These facilities filter out the majority of contaminants to keep tap water clean, however, some contaminants do not get filtered out entirely. That is why you should purchase an easy water treatment device for your home which allows you to filter out your tap water from home and avoid purchasing plastic water bottles that are toxic for the environment. 

There are various home water treatments available whether you want to have them installed within your home’s plumbing system or simply want a water filter dispenser or bottle. Getting clean reliable water from home is easy, affordable and an important aspect of keeping our earth clean and safe.

What Are Water Treatments Filtering Out?

There are different types of water treatment systems available, from water softeners to distillation and filtration systems. Their purpose is to remove metal contaminants that can cause illnesses such as cadmium, copper, and mercury. Water softeners reduce the hardness from tap water by replacing the calcium and magnesium with potassium and sodium for a less harsh taste. Hiring a wastewater management company is the most efficient way to make sure that you are getting the best water treatment solution that excels in safety and removal of all contaminants.

Water Treatments Are Good For Your Appliances

Tap water that is not filtered through a home water treatment is harder due to the presence of metal contaminants. Hard water is tough on your appliances and will require scale removal on washing machines much more than treated water. Treated water allows your appliances to maintain their condition and not be worn down as easily.

Treated Water Is Environmentally Friendly

Drinking water that is not treated and filtered properly leads to a variety of otherwise avoidable illnesses. By drinking clean water, you are not only eliminating health risks but being mindful of the environment. Plastic water bottles are a huge contributor to pollution and global warming. By choosing to drink filtered water from your sink is not only convenient but responsible.

Taber Solids Control has provided over 100 years of waste water management and water treatment in Edmonton. Our company understands the importance of clean, treated water and our professionals work diligently each day to provide the community with exactly that. We rent and sell dewatering equipment for water reclamation and treatment locally as well as remotely, all while being environmentally friendly. Our experts can assist you with any inquiries regarding our water treatment equipment options to ensure what’s right for you.  

Now that you know the importance of consuming clean, treated water, contact us today to get started on installing the best water treatment solution for you and your family. To learn more about water treatments and water restoration, give us a call any time at (780) 446-7799!