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We manufacture, sell, service, and rent centrifuges, and dredges including all associated equipment for drill mud, H.D.D. rigs,
sumpless drilling and dewatering of industrial and municipal sludges and Hydrovac slurry.


Our centrifuge packages ensure formation solids are removed from the drilling mud economically and efficiently with barite recovery options. With our complete dewatering packages, we perform the procedures necessary to ensure uninterrupted operation for the drilling company.

Sump dewatering service creates a stackable solid(s) that is easy to handle. This creates a manageable product that can be shipped economically or easily disposed of, providing a much more effective alternative to sludge.

Centrifuge Rental Services

Municipal & Industrial Lagoons

Water Treatment and Waste Water Lagoon Dredging and de-watering

Our complete dewatering package produces a workable solid that can be stored or moved. Whether the product is composted, landfilled or used as day cover, it adds economic value to our environment.

During the solids removable process, all reclaimable water is salvaged ensuring proper uninterrupted wastewater management. The reclaimed water is cleaned to meet all provincial environmental water quality standards.

Taber Solids Control is dedicated to finding environmentally acceptable solutions, through innovative research and development. Contact us today.

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