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Solids Liquid Separation Specialists

100% Alberta owned and operated, Taber specializes in the rental, sales, service, and manufacturing of dewatering centrifuges as well as dredges and all other related equipment. Collectively, our staff has more than 100 years of experience and are totally committed to customer satisfaction.

To ensure uninterrupted and competitive services Taber Solids Control (1998) Ltd. utilizes an in-depth maintenance program for all our equipment. Our highly skilled and trained personnel operate at a level of proficiency that allows us to be competitive in an ever-changing market.

From stripping drill mud to dewatering municipal sludge ponds, Taber has the equipment and personnel to complete the job quickly, cleanly, and efficiently.

With ever-growing environmental requirements, Taber Solids Control (1998) Ltd. works in conjunction with other professional organizations such as Chemists & Engineers to adhere to the highest environmental standards.

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Solids Separation

From drilling rigs, H.D.D. rigs, water treatment ponds, tailing ponds, sewage lagoons and agricultural sludge applications, Taber can provide a professional solution to water/solids separation, involving our unique method of solids removal and water reclamation.

Our company is dedicated to providing environmental solutions for water-solids separation and water reclamation through our innovative research and development programs.

With our portable equipment systems, we can provide service to remote and/or local urban locations.

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