Wastewater Treatment

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Wastewater Treatment

There is an untapped wealth found in wastewater. Experts believe that the government has been viewing the wastewater treatment process incorrectly for a very long time. We need to stop looking at wastewater management from a cost point of view, and begin to view it from an energy recovery point of view.

There is a significant opportunity that lies within the potential to convert biosolids or biogas into energy. This energy could then be used to run the wastewater treatment facility itself or sell the leftover energy into the power grid to offset energy costs. Creating this type of closed-loop system in terms of energy generation and usage is a solution rooted in the past and in the future. For example, look at Toronto’s Humber Treatment Plant, where they run their aeration with energy created within the facility itself. Experts would like to see municipalities aiming to capture, create and use energy once again.

From the environmental perspective, this approach can have a net positive impact if one considers that biogases are burned off.

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