Water is the most precious resource in the world, even though it’s often filled with impurities that can severely affect your health if consumed. These impurities can include dust, sand, dirt and biological contaminants. While pure water is naturally odourless, colourless and has no taste, we can’t say the same for other water sources. Rainwater, as well as water from streams and wells, for example, contain harsh elements like acid and metallic rust particles. What other impurities can be found in water? That’s what we’re about to find out.

What are Water Impurities?

Dirty or unsafe water contains particles called total suspended solids. These solids aren’t meant to dissolve, like dust, clay, sand and rust. They cause the water to go muddy or look cloudy when they remain suspended. The lack of hydrogen and oxygen also prevents the water from becoming pure and dissolving anything it comes in contact with. These suspended solids can cause a wide range of illnesses that include Malaria, Cholera, Typhoid and Dysentery.

Biological Impurities

The presence of living organisms in water creates biological impurities. These organisms can include algae, protozoa, bacteria, viruses, parasites and microbes. Parasites, in particular, are able to reproduce at a fast rate, which can cause a large number of people to get sick in a short amount of time.

Colloidal Impurities

These water impurities contain organic waste material as well as amino acids. This happens when the water comes in contact with suspended matter such as rocks, sand and other organic elements as it flows through streams, rivers and lakes. This renders the water undrinkable.

Chemical impurities in water can include atmospheric gases from rainwater, decomposing plants and animals in or near the water source, sewage and wastewater, high levels of iron, sodium, magnesium, calcium and chlorides, inorganic medical wastewater, or organic compounds from agricultural waste.

Safe Water Solutions

With a large number of impurities that can be found in both natural and drinking water, the best way for you and your community to fix this problem is through having the right water treatment system set into place. Not only do wastewater management and treatment systems eliminate chlorides from the water, but they also get rid of other hidden chemicals in the drinking water system.

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