Unpleasant odours, odd flavours, itchy skin and soap scum build-up, are all signs that you need some sort of water treatment equipment, and the following guide will provide you with a better understanding of the different options that are available so that you can choose the best one:

Water Softeners

These are used to remove hardness in water and will reduce calcium, magnesium and small amounts of iron. It does this by exchanging them with low levels of sodium, and the result will be softer water that will prevent mineral build-up in your home’s water pipes. Soft water will also help cleaning products be more effective and will protect the life of your appliances, so water softeners are excellent for those who have hardness in their water. Your home would benefit from this type of water treatment equipment, and you will notice that the overall quality of your water has improved.

Water Conditioners

Not all water conditioners are the same, so you need to do your research when looking at this kind of equipment. Some water conditioners are multi-tasking machines that can soften water while filtering iron and raising the pH of acidic water. Others are salt-free systems that don’t remove hard minerals in water but change their state instead so that they don’t stick to your plumbing or appliances. As there are so many differences between manufacturers and companies, you need to understand exactly what the system is capable of treating so that you make an informed decision and choose the best one.

Water Filters

This type of equipment is generally used to remove specific impurities from your water, so if you have brown staining in your toilets, for example, your water filtration system would be able to oxidize the iron in the stains and will change it into a particle so that it can be easily removed. The filtering process can also trap contaminants like chlorine and sulphur through the use of carbon or charcoal, which would prevent them from passing through, and this would improve both the taste and odour of your water. Additionally, water filters can also neutralize acidic water and reduce nuisance particles, so if water hardness is not a concern, this kind of equipment is ideal.

Reverse Osmosis

This water filtration process uses multiple carbon filters and a semi-permeable membrane that has very tiny pores to help remove microscopic contaminants from your drinking water. It strains them out, so this is a more advanced system that can handle serious contaminants like lead, fluoride and arsenic. Purified reverse osmosis water will taste and smell a lot better, so you will notice an improvement in this regard.

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