Not only does reducing the amount of water you use lower your water bills, but the conservation of water helps regions experiencing droughts or those without clean water to begin with. Here are just a few, simple ways you can reduce your water usage without sacrificing your way of living.

Don’t Shower Unnecessarily

If you aren’t causing a stink, do you really need to shower multiple times a day, or even daily for that matter? Consider showering every other day if possible, as skipping even one per week will result in large water savings. When you do decide to shower, don’t stand in there for ten minutes daydreaming. Taking shorter showers will save you a lot of water in a short amount of time.

Wash Your Dog Outside

You can kill two birds with one stone if you wash your dog outdoors. Not only are they getting a much-needed bath, but the leftover water can be used to water your grass or plants. Just make sure any soap you use won’t harm your plants.

Save on Electricity

While this might seem like the wrong kind of savings, you can actually save water by using less electricity. Thousands of litres of water is used to cool down power plants. Improving your energy efficiency will indirectly save water as well.

Stop Letting Your Water Run

Whether you’re brushing your teeth, washing your hands or cleaning a sink full of dishes, you don’t need to have the water constantly flowing. Turn it off while you’re brushing your teeth and soaping up your hands. When washing dishes, fill the sink with water before you begin scrubbing instead of letting it run.

Wait Until it’s Full

If you need to wash a load of laundry or the dishes, avoid doing so until the machine is full. Half loads use the same amount of water as a full one, meaning that litres of water are being wasted when only a few things are being washed.

Use a Car Wash

If your car needs a good cleaning, then take it to a professional car wash instead of washing it yourself at home. Many car washing stations are able to recycle the water that’s used. This is much better in terms of water savings than letting it run into the sewers when washing it at home.

Reuse Cooking Water

Rather than dumping water that you’ve just used to cook pasta or boil potatoes, wait for it to cool down and use it to water any plants you may have. If you choose to try this, make sure the water is completely cool, or you’ll risk harming your plants.

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