What is Water Dredging

Water dredging is a process used to clear out the sediment, waste, and green material from the bottom of a body of water. Dredging will increase the depth of different water bodies. Dredging is an option for companies looking to mine or those worried about flooding. Mining for oil and gas is easier because you don’t have the green matter on the waterbed. Flooding is prevented by deepening and increasing the capacity of the body of water.

How Does it Work?

Dredging is a multiple part process. Material at the bottom of the water, including hardened sand and clay, needs to be disturbed, moved then pumped out. The process begins with scraping the bottom of the water. Settled material is then loosened by another machine. Finally, a pump clears the waterbed. This process is repeated as many times as necessary. Dredging is possible at almost any depth and is a great way to clean out messy harbours or worksites. It is one of the only options in terms of clearing waterbeds and is by far the most effective solution.

What is The Goal?

The goal of dredging is to clear out the waterbed. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete. Once completed, boats and vessels can safely pass through a passage without fear that they will hit rocks or waterbed debris. Dredging is common in lock beds, harbours, and lakes. Dredging ensures that things move the way they’re supposed to. Don’t worry though, dredging does not kill the fish in the water.


Dredging costs will vary depending on the size, initial depth, cleanliness, and desired depth of your water body. Dredging is not cheap and requires a lot of heavy machinery to complete successfully. Additionally, touch-ups are recommended to maintain clear areas. For accurate quotes, contact Taber Solids Control.

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