When buying a de-watering pump there are key elements that you need to consider so that you choose one that is both productive and safe. Applications vary from one de-watering pump to another, so you need to make sure the one you select is versatile and trouble-free. 

The first thing to consider is efficiency. Many users go for a larger size because their goal is to cover several jobs, but in choosing a bigger size you will often sacrifice energy efficiency. Luckily, technology is helping to reduce fuel usage as well as operating costs so when the time comes to buy a new de-watering pump considers a new type of technology instead of getting the same one from the past and remember that in this case, bigger does not mean better. 

Next, you will want to consider size and movement. As a buyer, you should take time to select a pump that can work on several sites and make sure it includes built-in features that increase both safety and movement. Water pumps are now available in smaller sizes, meaning they’re lighter and easier to move and transport, whether you’re on one site or need to be between different job sites.

Versatility is a very important factor because the reality is that no two jobs are ever the same which is why you require a pump that is not specifically meant for one application and should be suitable for multiple purposes. To make sure the pump can handle different applications, you’ll have to look at the components and their design to see if they work together. Choose a pump that has a range of accessories, offers different options and allows upgrades without the need for a replacement. These features will enhance performance and cover multiple applications. 

Durability is also extremely important because you need a pump that is reliable and capable of performing in extreme environments. The pump you select should be tested to ensure it can handle changeable working conditions once it is turned on. If the pump cannot withstand tough conditions, then it is not durable which will affect performance and eventually burn out. Make sure clogging isn’t going to be an issue because if that happens, it will reduce the flow of water being pumped which is a serious problem. 

Lastly, always choose a pump that requires simple service so that you’re never wasting time with maintenance and repairs. Access to parts should be easy. Ideally, you want a pump that can be serviced in minutes, not hours. 

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